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travaget invites you to share unforgettable experiences around the world under the sign of discovery and relaxation.
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We are the official portal of the Tourist Offices. Our goal is to be both an inspiration for choosing a travel destination all over the world.
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If you’re like us, there’s a yearning inside of you to TRAVEL.

You’re possibly tired of life stuck in the hamster wheel, and want to reclaim a little bit of freedom, ease and joy.

A chance to just slip into a hammock undisturbed at sunset with an ice cold drink and a slow sway to the tunes of your favourite song.

The opportunity to tell enriching stories and have something to laugh about for years to come.

Maybe it’s something more you want to escape to – a road trip in Australia, or across the USA, a trek to Machu Picchu, teaching English in Asia, or a gap year that turns into three – like ours did.

Each of us has our own interpretation of what the ultimate form of travel looks like.

I’m sure we can agree travel allows us to escape the everyday formalities, headaches and routines and gives us a sense of life ownership.

It offers an exotic spark of adventure, wonder, and discovery that our day-to-day lives seem to gloss over.

We caught the travel bug 5 years ago, and have been traveling on-and-off ever since. It’s our absolute passion to help others follow the same bliss in whatever style they choose to travel.

Travel does not necessarily always have to take the form of packing bags, crossing borders or being nomadic.

It’s an act and a feeling that can happen in every given moment.

It’s about living a full life, being connected to the present moment, experiencing unbridled joy and creating (and sharing) profound memories.

Moments that change who you are and impact the world positively.

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