Some essential travel tools

Some essential travel tools

goTenna Mesh

Sign in to keep your Android or iOS devices connected to your mobile, go ahead and get them all-in-disconnect-from-the-grid. Made from rugged materials, this compact pocket-sized device uses Bluetooth-LE to pair with a smartphone, allowing users to share information and location information instantly in a 4km cleared area.

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Portable luggage compressor

Small, elegant and elegant, VAGO is the ultimate travel packaging gadget. Equipped with a pressure sensor, this automatic vacuum pump removes all there is coming items you want to buy during your trip.

This is the essential travel tool, especially if you buy little shopping on your trip, or if you are traveling in a cold place or you need to pack thick winter clothes.

Water purifier bottle

The health problems of travelers are caused by the contamination of drinking water, which means that the water purification system is essential for traveling abroad. This is particularly useful in isolated areas of the United States, United States, United States, United States, United States, United States or the Middle East. Fortunately, there are many products to help in such circumstances.

The GRAYL Ultralight Purifier, for example, is a state-of-the-art device that can turn almost any natural tap water source or clear water source into pure drinking water in just 15 seconds. Ideal for travelers and outdoor adventurers, each 0.50 liter bottle features a replaceable purifier cartridge, protection against viruses, bacteria, heavy metals and many chemicals. It’s a great way to get safe drinking water while saving money on bottled water.

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